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Bruce Paul Bledsoe

Bruce Paul Bledsoe

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09/09/15 11:19 AM #1    

Gerald Tetsuo Kuwada

I only know Bruce through football.  He was an very good player and treated me fairly.  He was very quiet but a tough competitor.  He didn't say much--that was his nature.  I enjoyed being his teammate--overall a good guy.

09/23/15 12:06 PM #2    

Christopher Michael Kopczynski

I remeber Bruce as the captain of the wrestling team.   Very strong, outstanding athlete.   Always a tough competitor and up for the match, and a sure winner.     Around me, Bruce  was  quiet, and  always seemed sure of himself.  I vistied with Bruce after the LC twenty year reunion.  He told me he had a " major problem with achohol", got in troble with the law in California, and had served  "a couple years of time in jail."   He told me he had a major problem with achohol, and said  "my doctor told me if I take one more drink I will die."  Apparently, achohol got the best of him.     I remember Bruce as the kind  gentlemen and outstanding athlete he was in high school.    Chris Kopczynski

09/24/15 01:40 PM #3    

William King

Bruce's nickname after highschool was "Happy" which should give you a clear indication of his disposition! In high school several of us underage Class of 66 students would visit this certain tavern in Couer d alene near the park, drink beers, play shuffle board, have a great time. One night the cops came and busted about 5 of us including Bruce. We were all at the downtown jail house, being processed when suddenly Bruce hopped the  counter and took off running! Every cop in the place immddiately went out the door at top speed chasing him. After about 30 seconds we decided as a group to do the same and we all ran out a different door and got away......ask Gary Taitch for the name of the joint. Fun times. Later in the hippy years I saw Bruce here and there, he freely confessed his issues but his friends weren't to concerned with that. In the end we should have been. He is fondly remembered.

05/20/16 12:31 AM #4    

Jon Marcus MacKenzie

I was also on the wrestling team. Bruce had a strength, grace and low center of gravity which is exactly the most advantagious position for ones gravity to allow the most positive result on the mat.  His personality was a strong force in making a primarily individual sport into a team sport.  And that team won the city championship.  Individually, we didn't fare well, but as a group we really were a team.  It was the members headed by Bruce that made that happen.

05/21/16 07:53 PM #5    

James Lee Christensen

Met Bruce at Libby JR High.  Quiet, funny, friendly.  We did a Science Fair project together.  Saw him once in a while over the years.  He had demons that he wasn't able to shake.  Sorry he is gone he was a nice man.

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