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Christine Ruthanne Jones

Christine Ruthanne Jones

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09/08/15 09:03 AM #1    

Gerald Tetsuo Kuwada

What a lovely young lady!  I first met her as a freshman.  She was in the same homeroom.  She was gentle, sweet and kind with a lovely feminine smile.  She was very smart and a good student.  I liked her alot.  But she had a crush on Larry Marker who was also in the same homeroom.  Unfortunately she was absent our sophomore year and returned the following year.  I didn't interact her with her very much thereafter.  Her personality had changed.  She seemed to have withdrawn abit from the world.  Then I heard about her life after high school and was sad to hear about her troubles and her car accident.  I miss her.  She was a good young lady.  I hope there was some happiness in her life.  Gerry Kuwada

07/05/16 01:20 AM #2    

Scott Dietrich Sledge

Christine Jones was a rare gem. She had a sweet face but a rogue nature. In the Junior Con we cast her as the wicked witch Ugly Christine  (UC for short) and she revelled in it ! During our Senior year Chris helped me to organise a clandestine pep rally at her family's Cherry Lane property. We burned a NC "Indian" in effigy. Naturally we got in trouble with the LC HS authorities  (who had banned pep rallies.) As I was ASB Pres I got in about as much trouble as Chris  (Girls Fed Pres) Looking back I doubt Principal Donner or VP Powell were very upset, but they had to look their parts. I don't recall any serious penalties and they let Christine and I organise a Christmas mixer dance a few months later.

After HS I saw Chris quite often as we were friends for life (alas. hers was rather short!) when I was in Spokane I visited her home (her father  Laurence was an osteopath of Nordic origins -  family name Anglicised from Jonasson) he was always friendly and I felt welcome.

One day Laurence said to me, "The problem for your parents is they don't know where they went right! They have raised 4 children who all have guts"

As both Chris and I had absent lovers, we used to hang out a lot in the summers between college terms. I got to know her guy Timothy  Acker in Seattle when I spent the 1968-69 year there. Chris was also going to UW. I joined them for their nuptials in Bellevue (I think) and was impressed that Chris led the guests in a nude swim in the country club pool and kept one hand dry for passing the joints. I don't recall what other drugs were ingested that night. What is it said about the 60's ? "If you can remember the 60's you weren't there." Chris was there ! A bright spark who eventually set up house in the Haight District of San Fransciso. I enjoyed visiting there, being a hippie, and she came to see me in Hawaii. Unfortunately she was a passenger in a near-fatal car crash on the Honolulu Freeway and had her jaw wired shut for many months. She still could laugh! Her face lost its childish glow with medical treatment for pain and her organs finally failed. I was not in SF when she died, but Chris had a wonderful joyous spirit and always wore clean undies.

I miss her terribly. Vale, my friend.

During the Fifties and early Sixties we all seemed gripped by fear of total worldwide annilhilation. The nuclear madness which assured us that we would be saved by the threat of "mutually-assured destruction" put us all in mortal daily dread. Maybe we were saved in some perverse way by the fact that "There'll be no one to save with a world in a grave."( Eve of Destruction song lyrics) I was told that we should be prepared for nuclear attack and we routinely practiced drills at school when we were told to get under our desks, face away from the windows and cover heads with our arms. They forgot to add the final step in the drill, which logically was ..." and kiss your ass goodbye." What effect this had on each of us is hard to determine. If Christine Jones was afraid, she hid it well.  going about her young life with grace and laughter.

07/05/16 08:29 PM #3    

Christine Ransom

Chris was beautiful inside and out. Chris Jones, Chris Schneider and I (Chris Ransom) had lots of fun during our elementary school days, sleep overs, ice skating on (Jones') outside pool and just being silly kids. It's a shame she lost her life so young. We had so many mutual friends, our three grade school classes were very close and I have many fond memories of those days.

08/22/16 04:22 AM #4    

Christine Marie Schneider (Prosser)

Chris Jones was one of my best friends growing up and I really miss her. We used to spend hours sledding and tabogganing down her hill on Cherry Lane, and its one of my favorite memories. We stayed overnight at each others house alot in the summer and had endless talks until late. We maintained our friendship in highschool and into college. She came and stayed with me at the UW, and I stayed with her at PLU, our freshman year. Then, for whatever reason, we kind of lost touch for a number of years. I was heartbroken about her horrible car accident in Hawaii. I got to talk to her briefly at the LC 20th reunion in 1986. I called her and we had a long talk a month after the reunion. She died that fall of 1986, and I was able to go to her funeral in Spokane, with our other best friend, Donna Stier (Ferris High). We knew her parents and brothers and sister, so we were very glad we were able to go. She is missed.

08/24/16 01:18 PM #5    

Peggy Sue Davis (Nixon)



Chris had the most beautiful laugh I have ever heard.  It was like a nightinggale singing.  I have memories of figureskating with her and the Spokane Figureskating Club at the Coliseum, going to a slumber party at her house and just listening to her wisdom at such a young age.  In high school she seemed more withdrawn, pensive and always reading books, oblivious to her surroundings.  I ran into her in the 70's in San Francisco at a restaurant on Haight Street.  A quiet voice from the corner of the room "Peggy? is that you?"  She looked different (I had no idea that she had been in a car crash)  although she was the same sweet personality that I remembered.  I never saw her again.   (Peggy Davis' memories)




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