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Arthur Reid Murphy

Arthur Reid Murphy

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09/09/15 11:15 AM #1    

Gerald Tetsuo Kuwada

Art was a very quiet classmate.  He was very smart especially in math.  We were friends and though he was quiet he was very contemplative.  He was very thoughtful and had insightful comments.  Some comments were humorous and others were salient.  I know he felt uncomfortable in social situations but around me he seemed to be comfortable.  I lost track of him after high school and have no idea what he ended up doing with his life.  It is sad--we get so involved in our own lives--we forget about some of our high school friends and acquaintances and how and what they did with their lives.  I hope he had a fulfilling life because he was a good classmate and friend.  Sorry to hear he passed. 

09/10/15 11:00 AM #2    

William Rodgers

I remember Art from our days on the high school newspaper, was it the LC Journal?  Art had a dry wit, which always kept us laughing.  We knew him as "Murph the Surf."

09/10/15 12:53 PM #3    

Richard Dean Grinstad

I also remember Art as a brilliant math student.  He was one of those guys who carried his slide rule (remember them?) with him constantly. He had a good sense of humor, though sometimes it sort of snuck up on you.  I also lost track of him after high school.  So sorry to hear he is gone.  

09/10/15 02:02 PM #4    

William Charles Wright

Art, Tom Logsdon, Bob Pearson and I hung out together a good deal and I considered Art a good friend.  My bad to lose touch with him about a year after graduation.

IMHO, he wasn't just very smart...he was a genius.  Dry sense of humor, but could get real goofy at times.  He was on the annual staff in 1966 and listed himself and me on the "Chess Club" under our senior photos. It was his joke as there was no chess club...just some of us geeks that played whenever we could.   BTW...another of the chess guys was Bryan Mukai ('67), who was lost in Nam.  As Bob Pearson always says..."Don't get me started!"

Art always seemed more calm and mature than the rest of he had some secret knowledge behind his cheshire cat smile. Led me to wonder if he had some dread, terminal disease he was dealing with, but I have no idea what caused his death.

RIP old friend

09/21/15 02:16 PM #5    

Janice Kay Hijiya (Price)

Although I did not know Art personally, my brother, Jim Hijiya, did, and asked me to post this:

"I made friends with Art on the staff of the Journal. We went camping together (once on Mt. Rainier) and hung out sometimes at a coffee shop run by Unitarians. Art taught me how to smoke a pipe (just tobacco, in case you're wondering), and he used to quote Sherlock Holmes: 'First pipe of the morning's the best pipe of the day.' He knew I didn't understand math, so he talked about philosophy, which I also didn't understand. Like everybody else, apparently, I lost touch with him after high school. Ten or fifteen years ago, I tried to find him via the Internet, but there were too many people named Art Murphy. I found one possible candidate (a chemist, as I recall), but he wrote back and told me it wasn't him. Too bad. Art was one of the most interesting people at LC." 

--Jim Hijiya, class of '67

If anyone has any information about Art after LC, please post. Many of us would like to know. Thanks.

Janice Hijiya Price

09/22/15 11:03 PM #6    

David Ernest Eash

Art and Kay Young were the stars in our advanced math classes in our Junior (Mr. Powell) and senior (Mr Kramlich) years. Those two were in another world when it came to math skills. 

Now I invite anyone to correct me but I seem to have a memory of running into Art in Seattle shortly after our college years and, as I remember it, he was working for Safeco Insurance in the U District as an actuary. That makes sense as that job requires exceptional math skills. Once again my memory is a little foggy on that point. I have no idea when he passed. 

01/11/16 06:53 PM #7    

Robert John Pearson

I'm not sure this is accurate, but found it on the net.

Arthur R. Murphy

September 22, 1948 - April 26, 1997

07/30/16 01:17 PM #8    

William Pierre (Pierre)

Art and I stayed close friends through our years and the University of Washington and later whenever I was in Seattle we got together. After finishing is BS in Math at UW he went on for graduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis, worked for a while at the JPL in Pasadena and then returned to Seattle working as a software systems engineer at Boeing. We last got together in Philadelphia in the late 1980s. 

07/31/16 11:53 AM #9    

Diane Lee Wynne (Alfano)

Thanks to all of you who have posted memories of Art. I loved reading them all. Art was an amazing guy and, as with many of our classmates, was taken way too soon.  RIP Arthur Murphy.

08/22/16 05:28 AM #10    

Christine Marie Schneider (Prosser)

Ran into Art Murphy a couple times on campus at the UW. Super smart,interesting guyand I enjoyed talking to him. I think we were going to fly kites off the Seattle ferry one time, but it never worked out. Sorry to hear of his passing.

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