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Donald Cornell Sims

Donald Cornell Sims

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09/08/15 09:25 AM #1    

Gerald Tetsuo Kuwada

I grew up with Don and his twin brother Ron.  They were my pals through Grant school, LC and beyond.  I kept in touch with Don off and on.  He and his lovely wife attended our 30th and 40th high school reunion.  We played football and track together.  The first time I met Don and Ron was near Liberty Park.  My Asian cronies and I were playing tackle football.  Don and Ron showed up and asked to play.  They didn't have any equipment--football helmet, shoulder pads and knee pads but they still wanted to play.  They were much larger than we were.  Near the end of the game there was a fight.  I don't recall how it got started and what happened after that.  The next week or so we met in the hallway at Grant school and we recognized each other.  We became fast friends and hung out.  We were attending Eastern and he saved me by rescuing me from a female stalker.  Christy was her name and she would be wherever I was--ie library, cafeteria, the dorm and any social events.  Initially I liked her and dated her once.  Then she said she wanted me to meet her parents and get married and have children--after one date!  Scared the shit out of me!  She called me morning, noon and night.  I said sorry I'm not interested but she wouldn't take my NO.  Finally Don intervened and spoke to her.  I have no idea what he said to her but it worked.  Thanks Donnie.  You saved me!  He had a good life and had children as well.  I will miss him.  He was the quiet one.  Gerry Kuwada

09/11/15 09:04 AM #2    

Gerald Tetsuo Kuwada

I also recalled another poignant event.  We were playing in the band together in grade school.  We were at the Spokane coliseum when Don, Ron and I were going downstairs to leave the building.  We encountered some White boys who didn't like our presence and began taunting us and trying to bully us.  I was the instigator as ever since I was 5 years old in grade school I hated to be bullied by anyone.  I told the kid to shut the hell up or I'd kick his ass.  His mistake--he started to run.  Like a predator after his prey, I chased him.  I saw Don and Ron take off after the other 2 boys.  I soon caught up with the kid and he continued his racist rants.  I punched him with my brand new trumpet.  Big mistake on my part.  The kid apologized and I released him to bask in his defeat and to think about his racist attitude.  Ron and Don had similar experiences with their pursuits.  When I got home my uncle was sitting in the living room.  I forgot that it was his trumpet that I was borrowing.  He wanted to look at it and he wanted me to play it for him.  He immediately saw the damage and asked for an explanation.  My uncle was also my judo instructor.  After I explained what had transpired, he looked at me and I could tell he was very disappointed.  I just kept reiterating--I hate being bullied!

10/21/15 11:00 AM #3    

Martha Lawson (Slover)

I sat next to Don in band ("concert band") for a long time. He was always courteous, a great person. He was @ EWSC but I didn't see him very often. It was great to see him and his wife @ the reunion in Couer d' Alene.
I'm so sorry he's gone from us...
Marti Lawson Slover

05/19/16 11:37 PM #4    

Jon Marcus MacKenzie

Donnie, the quiet twin.  I was also in the band at Grant.  Mr Sims would often drive us to LC for band practice in the summer.   Mr Sims was a big man.  He had these massive thick hands which he moved to the rhythm of classical music.  Actually, it was his right hand that conducted in the air, bouncing off the top of the steering wheel; captivating.  Don and I ended up in the back seat watching his father in the front seat, performing during each trip to and from LC.  From time to time, Don joined Gerry Kuwada. Tom Nishimura, Johnny Brown, and me in basketball and other sports at Grant.  Don, such a nice guy.  He still had the same sweet personality when meeting him at the 40th reunion.

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